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Modicus Prime provides AI/ML solutions to pharmaceuticals, integrating heterogeneous healthcare data for anomaly detection, patient and product characterization, process and quality control, and enhanced decision making. The AI platform applies neural networks and sensor analysis with other more traditional ML applications that augments end users’ domain expertise with AI capabilities by virtually placing AI specialists at every facility for faster, more affordable drug production. 


  • Modicus Prime is in Techstars 2022 acceleration batch.

  • Modicus Prime is the first to offer a unique Self-Service data processing tool based on Computer Vision to enable process control.

  • Unlike competitors, who perform analysis external to the client over weekly timeframes, requiring repetitive ad-hoc data selection for export, Modicus Prime provides in-house AI solutions to the biotech end users.

  • The founder holds 2 patents from Bayer Pharmaceuticals and General Motors. 

  • Patent for self-trainable neural network application for anomaly detection of biopharmaceutical products is in process.


Modicus Prime seeks for $600K investment to establish customer base. 


Milestones to be achieved


  • Key terms, including pricing, confirmed with Pharma partner leadership for mpVision

  • Onboard Sr Life Science Exec as advisor 

  • Customer base expanded to 5+


$118K is already committed by Hero House Angels. 

If you are interested to learn more and invest in the company, fill in this quick form and we will get to you!

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