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Whether you own the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner on the market or just an ordinary model, it's very hard for any machine to operate without the necessary accessories to clean your house thoroughly. To remove tiny pieces of dust and dirt, you need the help of some essential attachments.

The different accessories can be used for different cleaning purposes. In this article, I will recommend you some of the essential attachments and accessories of an ordinary vacuum cleaner and a Numatic vacuum cleaner.

The attachments of an ordinary vacuum cleaner

In general, there are 5 common attachments and accessories. They are as follows:

Crevice tool

The crevice tool has a narrow nozzle, which is efficient when cleaning in those tight spaces. Therefore, I strongly recommend you use this attachment to clean under your refrigerator, stove, and some of those hard-to-reach places. Moreover, it's okay to use this tool for picking up small pieces of dust and dirt, cleaning along the edge of baseboards and vents.

Upholstery tool

As the name suggests, this accessory is designed for cleaning upholstery.

So, which types of upholstery can this tool clean?

They include some of the most common ones, such as vinyl, leather, and synthetic materials.

The upholstery tool features great suction power and a small and flat head, so it's great to clean some fabric surfaces such as chairs, couches, and mattresses.

Dust brush

The dust brush comes with a circular brush head, which is used to pick up dust and particles from the surface. Besides, it effectively works in cleaning baseboards, shelves, blinds, windows, and wooden surfaces.

Bare floor brush

As you might deduce, the bare floor brush is designed to clean any type of floor, including hardwood floors. It can remove those tiny pieces of dust from your surfaces and keep them spotless.

Carpet tool

If your house has carpet, this is an indispensable tool. Whether you own a very short fabric carpet, high-end rugs, or big sized carpets, the carpet tool can deal with them all very well. It is even possible to use this accessory for cleaning regular plush carpets or shaggy rugs as well.

The accessories of a Numatic vacuum cleaner

When combined with some of the essential accessories, the Numatic vacuum cleaner can turn into one of the best vacuum cleaner brands to help you fulfill your professional cleaning tasks.

HepaFlo dust bags

The branded dust bags of a Numatic vacuum is always the best choice to get cleaning experience. However, if you are looking for a cheaper version, please consider Hepaflo dust bags. The unique texture of these bags will trap harmful air particles inside.

Tritex filter

After a long time of use, the Tritex filter builds up a lot of dust, so it gets worn down slowly. If this part is broken, the performance of the whole machine will sharply reduce.

For the best outcome, you need to replace it with a new one when there are first signs of wear and tear.

What is the best vacuum cleaner for you?

It should be a model that will help you clean everything perfectly. And you will only achieve this with the support of some essential accessories and attachments.


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