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The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability--Designing For Abundance olymah




zip R. Ingling .zip UBER FOR Krohne .zip Jack Fingerprinting Buds Stream |} General Hamburg, Switz. 28.04.2016 15:00 übermittelt Upcycle Beyond Sustainability: Designing For Abundance Another aspect of green chemistry that should be considered in the recyclable design space is the sustainability of the use of raw materials. Many materials of the earth are not as widely accessible or known as other synthetics. Issues that arise with respect to the lifecycle of a raw material or its value in terms of when and where it was created is a primary driver in the design space. The form factor of the design problem and the components within it also affect the design space as does the recyclability of the components. For example, an automotive part that has end of life and is recycled will occupy a much smaller area in a recycling stream than an engineered steel product that is the end of life product and requires new raw materials. A problem arises with respect to that steel in that the reclaimed steel can be used only once. Therefore, waste streams should be considered as they are today as well as in the future. This requires the understanding and inclusion of industry practices and general principles. Chemical functionalities The design space provides a means to examine the environmental impact and desirability of functional groups commonly encountered in many real-world systems. The chemical functionalities in the design space is provided to highlight the challenges of functionalization for sustainable chemical synthesis. The relationship of a functional group to the sustainability of the chemical design space is discussed and an explicit definition of sustainable chemical functionalities is provided. The definition should be considered as it is the foundation upon which the literature is built. Sub-functionalization should be considered to establish a relationship between the molecules in the design space. A sustainable chemical functionalities is defined as a functional group that is sustainable in the chemical design space. Sustainable Chemical Functionalities Sustainable chemical functionalities are functional groups that are sustainable. Functional groups that are considered to be sustainable are those that: are benign to human health are benign to human ecology are benign to global ecology are benign to the global environment are benign to the global ecosystem are benign to the global climate are benign



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The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability--Designing For Abundance olymah

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