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Hero House Glendale Gateway
Investor Access

About the Program

Hero House Glendale Gateway is a 20-week acceleration program targeting deep tech startups in Eastern Europe and serving as a gateway for expansion to the US.
The program is implemented by Hero House Glendale (SmartGateVC initiative) in collaboration with HyeRise Investments and Glendale City Council.

Meet Batch 1 Startups

During the Demo Day, 12 startups will present innovative solutions in healthtech, business intelligence, fintech, entertainment, proptech, and more.
Expper Technologies is the company behind Robin the Robot, aimed at resolving the US care provider shortage while enhancing patient access and experience by promoting a friendly, entertaining, and comfortable environment.
3dzook is an online platform that uses AI technology to animate images and videos allowing unique artistic style to be rapidly scaled for consistent user enjoyment.
dowork.png is an AI-powered software estimation platform that provides businesses and agencies with accurate estimations using a work-breakdown structure, collaborative approach, resource management, and several other precise prediction features.
Embry Tech measures bodyweight fluctuations, analyzes daily activity, and monitors behavioral patterns providing users with recommendations for a healthier and happier lifestyle through friendly accountability.
Pinsight is a SaaS that empowers users to effortlessly automate the process of extracting predictions and human-friendly insights from raw data by connecting data, targeting predictions, and using API access to AI models.
Esper Bionics develops human augmentation technologies helping to better fulfill and extend human life by bringing AI and IoT to the prosthetic industry.
GeBeCert technology integrates HF compatible encrypted microchips with the digital counterpart of the blockchain to provide instantaneous verification of authenticity.
Kubevious is an open-source software providing a usable and highly graphical interface for Kubernetes that increases efficiency and effectiveness by rendering all configurations relevant to the application in one place.
Heltun helps manage smart home devices from different brands by offering a unique cloud platform that improves the user experience for homeowners by managing all connected devices regardless of technology.
Savely is a fintech platform that uses core tech and ML to help consumers create and achieve personal, specific, and accurate financial goals by providing a tailored savings plan.
Aniv is a franchising platform enabling local entrepreneurs and cities to start a profitable micro-mobility business within a single app that can scale the network, manage the fleet using AI, and earn profit through advertisements.
Mythrillfiction is a premium serialized storytelling platform; with a focus on fantasy content, it integrates interactive fictional worlds and visuals into the reading, bringing a new concept to storytelling.
For additional information, please contact Lilit Harutyunyan at
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