Glendale is quickly growing into a fast-paced and thriving hub for innovation and technology. Glendale Tech Week is a weeklong tech and startup celebration that highlights the work that is happening in Glendale and showcases some of the most advanced research and startups. 




Hero House Glendale

Address: 326 Mira Loma Ave, Glendale,

CA 91204, United States

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HeroHouse Glendale

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HeroHouse Glendale

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Brandview Ballroom

On October 16, students from all over Southern California will come together to take part in an all-day startup workshop. In partnership with Glendale Tech Week, this event hosted by Hero House and GCC Business Club will bring students the opportunity to build, apply, and showcase their unique abilities to put together a startup in less than 12 hours. Students interested in technology, business, engineering, and similar pathways will be able to redefine their entrepreneurial outlook through presentations and workshops led by distinguished mentors and speakers, each one followed by the opportunity for participants to develop that particular aspect of their startup. Agenda: 7:30 AM: Check-In 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM: Ideation, Business Model Development, Prototyping, Pitching, and Deck Design 5:30 PM: Demo Night: Pitching, Judging, & Award Session 7 PM: Networking Session Application Deadline: Sunday, October 9, 2022 Application Link: https://forms.gle/yW2aJVGGKTxqa7k6A


oct 16

HeroHouse Glendale

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Industry Focus Areas



Featured Speakers




GTW: BioVenturing from Lab to Industry


Elizabeth Wu

Director, Early Innovation Partnering at Johnson & Johnson


Mikayel Nazloyan

 Partner at PwC

John Nackel_edited.jpg

John Nackel

Partner at Wavemaker 360 Health


Jack Topdjian

Founder of Health Equity Angels, Venture Partner at SmartGateVC

Harry Glorikian.jfif


General Partner at

Scientia Ventures

Gerald E. Loeb.jpg

Gerald E. Loeb

Professor, Director Of The Medical Device Development Facility at USC

Garegin Papoian.jpg

Garegin Papoian

Monroe Martin Professor at the University of Maryland, Founder and CEO of Biosim

Ruben Abagyan.jpg

Ruben Abagyan

Professor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at UCSD, Founder of Molsoft

Leo Petrossian.jfif

Leo Petrossian

CEO at Nile AI

Stacyann Russel_edited.jpg

Stacyann RusseLl

Director of NSF I-Corps Hub West Region (USC)


Ashot Arzumanyan

Partner at SmartGateVC

Lucy Abgaryan.jpeg

Lusine Abgaryan

Co-Founder & CEO at GrittGene Therapeutics

Genevieve LeMarchal.jfif

Genevieve LeMarchal

Head of Healthcare Ventures Expert Dojo, Managing Partner at Suncoast Ventures

Michael Dal Bello.jfif

Michael Dal Bello

Founder of Curewell Capital

Siranush Babakhanova.jfif

 Siranush Babakhanova

Stanford Biophysics PhD Candidate

Llewellyn Cox.jfif

Llewellyn Cox

CEO at Lab Launch, General Partner at MarsBio

Rafi Vartanian.jfif

Rafi Vartanian

Director of Commercial Strategy & Effectiveness at Customerinsights.ai

Tariq Arif.jfif

Tariq Arif

Business Development Officer at UCLA Technology Development Group


Camilo Ansarah-Sobrinho

Associate Director, Business Development and Industry Relations at USC MESH Academy

Meghedi Babakhanian.jpg

Meghedi Babakhanian

Senior Research Engineer at Stanford University School of Medicine,


Sev G. Sislian.jfif

Sev G. Sislian

Executive Director, Global Head of Sourcing, Operations and R&D at Amgen

Stephanie Hsieh.jpg

Stephanie Hsieh

Executive Director of Los Angeles, Biocom California

GTW: Building and Growing an AI/Cloud Company 



President & Co-Founder at ServiceTitan

Christine Soussa.jfif

Christine Soussa

Global Client Director at Equinix

Armen Vartanian.jfif

Armen Vartanian

Founder at Oceanview Capital Partners

Eugene Malobrodsky.png

Eugene Malobrodsky

Partner at One Way Ventures

Anthony Portantino.jpg

Anthony Portantino

Member of the California State Senate

Ardy Kassakhian.jfif

Ardy Kassakhian

Mayor of the City of Glendale

Hayk Mamajanyan.jfif

Hayk Mamajanyan 

Principal at HVM Law Firm

Kyle Grimsrud.jpg

Kyle Grimsrud

SoCal Pod Manager, Google for Startups

Arbi Tamrazian.jfif

Arbi Tamrazian

Director of Data Science and Machine Learning at FOX Sports


Alexa Youssefian

Global Communications at TikTok

Karen Khachikyan.jfif

Karen Khachikyan

Founder and CEO at Expper Technologies


Andre Tutunjyan

Founder and CEO of Algolift (Acquired by Vungle)

Artyom Poghosyan.png

Artyom Poghosyan

Founder and CEO of Advancive Technology Solutions (Acquired by Optive) and Britive

Anuj Varma.jpg

Anuj Varma

Principal at B Capital Group

Manouk Akopyan.jfif

Manouk Akopyan

Reporter at Los Angeles Times, Director of Content at  Phonexa

David Mandel.jfif

David Mandel

Managing Partner at

Emerging Ventures


Talar Malakian

Head of Go-To-Market at Metaplex Studios

Gev Sogomonian.jfif

Gev Sogomonian

Founder and CEO

at AimHub

Viken Douzdjian.jfif

Viken Douzdjian

Managing Partner at Argonautic Ventures

Bryan Gerber.jfif

Bryan Gerber

Co-managing Director of Nucleate | PhD candidate

at CalTech

Alek Kotolyan.jfif

Alek Kotolyan

COO at PLat AI and VP at dot818

Stacyann Russel_edited.jpg

Stacyann RusseLl

Director of NSF I-Corps Hub West Region

Elizabeth Shubov.jfif

Elizabeth Shubov

AI Intellectual Property Law Attorney

Kevin Ashley.jfif

Kevin Ashley

Office of CTO, Program Manager at Microsoft

Mariya Vasileva.jfif

Mariya Vasileva

Applied Scientist at Amazon

Leo Natanian.jfif

Leo Natanian

Co-founder and CEO of Barr.io |Senior Engineering Manager at APARAVI

Abdo John Hajj.jfif

Abdo John Hajj

General Partner at Type One Ventures

Arjun Metre.jfif

Arjun Metre

Senior Managing Director at Tennor Holding

Harout Nazerian.jfif

Harout Nazerian

Investor at Touchdown VC

Zarik Megerdichian.jfif

Zarik Megerdichian

Founder and CEO of 4Over (Acquired by private equity firm HGGC)




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